Commodity Center  

      Most people in the community decided to leave their family to work in other places or in Bangkok, causing social problems such as the labor migration to the city, divorce, etc. Therefore, the Foundation has established the Living Center that helps creating careers for people in community.  “To create a sustainable living based on the sufficiency economy.”

      Agricultural crops are planted on the land covers 200 Rai in order to be living for all live in the center. Every agricultural step is done naturally without using any pesticides and any kind of toxin. Therefore, our harvested crops are organic. It is a jointly- run plantation. The center is also a center for agricultural learning for living, not for business. We emphasize a sufficient life, planting only for sufficient outcome for earning a living. Our Agricultural Philosophy is “for living, for eating, for donating, Dharma driven, for life success, not for business success or performance”.

      In addition, there are other activities, for example:

  1. Indigenous Fruit Processing Group
  2. Locking Brick Group
  3. Natural Power Group

      However, all of which draws out the potential production and raw materials locally as a determinant. Therefore variety of aptitude career is established so that people in the community will have a job which provides sufficient earning for each family. This can solve family problem, insufficient income problem, community problem, as well as developing quality of life and mentality of people in the community.

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